Kyoto Shinmachi Rokkaku Hotel grandereverie Kyoto Shinmachi Rokkaku Hotel grandereverie

Since ancient times, the Shinmachi Rokkaku area has been at Kyoto’s heart—
a place where people can stretch out their arms and feel in touch with history and tradition.
“Kyoto Shinmachi Rokkaku Hotel grandereverie” stands right on the street
hat bustles with crowds during the popular Gion Festival.
Complementing the hotel’s superb location and conveniences,guest rooms are spacious and comfortable,
flexibly offering a special relaxed stay to all guests—
single travelers and group/family arrangements alike.

Kyoto’s culture and tradition can be feltKyoto’s culture and tradition can be felt

The center of Kyoto from ancient times, Shinmachi Rokkaku is a town where old and new blend harmoniously. Extravagant and glorious yamahoko floats line the streets filled with crowds of people during the Gion Festival, and Kyoto’s many cultures and traditions can be felt here. Further, the hotel is in close proximity to Shijo Karasuma, which is considered a base for sightseeing and business in the city. Not only can you enjoy seeing the sights in this area but also shopping and gourmet as well.


Peaceful stay in a spacious settingPeaceful stay in a spacious setting

A compact hotel with only 12 rooms, this allows us to provide each and every guest room with a spacious environment and bespoke attention to comfort—even in the minute details. Complimentary, self-service coffee is available in the first-floor lounge 24 hours a day, and guests can enjoy a calm and relaxing time on the comfortable sofa.


Providing heartfelt hospitalityProviding heartfelt hospitality

We are one of several hotels operated by local information magazine, “Leaf.” To help make your Kyoto stay more memorable right from the time of reservation, we are happy to provide helpful insights and act as your “guide” for the city, collected over the years as a local publisher—including seasonal tips and popular local eateries. It is our pleasure to provide a wide range of support for our guests’ stay in the spirit of Japanese hospitality.


  • Nijo Castle

    Nijo Castle

    Built in 1603, the castle is known as the place where Tokugawa Yoshinobu returned the reign to the emperor. There are many aesthetic features to enjoy, including the gorgeous decorative panels from the Kano School and the garden by Enshu Kobori. 20-minute walk

  • Nishiki Market

    Nishiki Market

    This produce market has long been considered the “kitchen of Kyoto.” Along a road that is just three meters wide, this market is crowded with customers to Kyoto vegetable shops and other specialty vendors, and is a place where one can really get a sense of the way people in Kyoto live.15-minute walk

  • Manga Museum

    Manga Museum

    Featuring stacks where visitors have access to around 50,000 volumes of manga, and sponsoring “Manga Expo” events featuring manga from all over the world, it is a cultural spot that appeals to manga fans of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. 15-minute walk

  • Rokkakudo


    Shiunzan Chohoji Temple. The name “Rokkakudo” is said to have been given after the hexagonal shape (rokkaku) of the main hall surrounded by buildings, and there is a “navel stone” located within the grounds that is said to be the center of Kyoto. Rokkakudo is also the birthplace of the flower art known as Ikebana.5-minute walk

  • Ponto Cho

    Ponto Cho

    This is one of the red-light districts that thrived along the narrow road between Kamogawa and Kiyamachi. It is a popular spot even among the locals to this day because it retains not only the townscape of its roots but is also home to numerous restaurants, pubs, and bars. 25-minute walk

  • Shijo Karasuma

    Shijo Karasuma

    One of the most famous downtown areas in Kyoto. Offers convenient access to various places in Kyoto with the highly developed network of railways and buses. In the vicinity, commercial facilities such as restaurants and department stores are plentiful.5-minute walk



Kyoto Shinmachi Rokkaku Hotel grandereverie

120 Tamakura-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 604-8211
Tel.+81 75-211-1770
Check in from 2 p.m. Check out by 11 a.m.

  • ■Access by train

    10 minutes' walk from Exit No.22 of Shijo Station on the Subway Karasuma Line
    7 minutes' walk from Exit No.6 of Karasuma Oike Station on the Subway Karasuma Line or Tozai Line
    10 minutes' walk from Exit No.22 of Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line
    10 minutes' walk from Imadegawa Omiya bus stop on the Kyoto city bus

  • ■By car [guest's car/taxi]

    □Approximately 28 minutes from the Kyoto-Higashi Interchange on the Meishin Expressway
    □Approximately 23 minutes from the Kyoto-Minami Interchange on the Meishin Expressway
    □Approximately 15 minutes from JR Kyoto Station
    *When you come by car, please use nearby coin parking (charged).

grandereveriehotels group hotels are within walking distance of each other. grandereveriehotels group hotels are within walking distance of each other.
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